New authors

How to register a title

Cochrane invites prospective authors to propose new Cochrane Reviews by submitting a proposal to Editorial Manager. Please see the Cochrane Library information for authors for further details.

A new chapter for Cochrane

Cochrane has embarked on an important change programme to transform the way we produce high-quality, independent and timely evidence. The new model is designed to ensure Cochrane remains viable, sustainable, and focused on the greatest global health and care challenges now and into the future. As part of the new model, we are implementing a Central Editorial Service to streamline the editorial process.

We are very grateful to everyone who contributes their time and expertise to Cochrane Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders. We encourage you to look out for further communications about Cochrane's plans for the future and new opportunities to get involved. You can stay connected by:

Tips for submitting a proposal

Cochrane receives a great number of title requests and has to make difficult decisions as to which titles are priorities.

  • Think of a novel and relevant question specifying: title, PICOS (population, intervention, control, outcomes, types of studies) and clinical question.
  • Consider public-health relevance and focus on patient-important outcome measures.
  • Systematic reviews are difficult to conduct. Make sure you have the right methodological expertise in your author team.
  • At least two review authors are needed to prepare a Cochrane review.
  • If you are thinking about using non-standard methods (NMA, IPD, observational studies or others) please specify the rationale.
  • Specify if you count with an information specialist and access to relevant databases.

Please be aware of Cochrane’s commercial sponsorship policy (four key points)

  • no authors can be current employees of pharmaceutical companies or similar organizations (such as manufacturers of healthcare products);
  • the majority of authors, lead and senior authors on a Cochrane Review should not have any conflicts of interest relevant to the review topic;
  • authors of Cochrane Reviews cannot be funded by  pharmaceutical companies or industry to undertake the review;
  • no part of the Cochrane Review process can be funded by pharmaceutical companies or similar organizations.

Contact person

Contact details should be provided for the person to whom correspondence about the review should be addressed, and who has agreed to take responsibility for maintaining and developing the review. Most usually, this person would:

  • Be responsible for developing and organizing the review team.
  • Communicate with the editorial office.
  • Ensure that the review is prepared within agreed timescales.
  • Submit the review for editorial approval via the Editorial Manager.
  • Communicate feedback to co-authors.
  • Ensure that the updates are prepared.

The contact person need not be listed as a review author, and the choice of contact person will not affect the citation for the review.