Peer review of our protocols and reviews

In accordance with the Cochrane Peer Review Policy, all CMED protocols and reviews are commented on by external peer reviewers prior to publication. We invite at least one clinical or topic specialist, a statistician and/or methodologist, and a consumer (healthcare service user) to provide feedback on each draft protocol and review. Once a person agrees to be a peer reviewer, they are sent a copy of the draft and a checklist for comments. We ask peer reviewers to submit courteous and constructive comments on the draft that identify its weaknesses or fatal flaws, as well as ways of improving it. Peer reviewers are usually requested to return these comments within two weeks of receiving the draft.

If you would like to be an external reviewer please contact our Co-ordinating Editor, Brenda Bongaerts ( and indicate which topic areas are of interest to you. We provide guidance for reviewers, use a structured feedback from and acknowledge the contribution in the published protocol, review and on our website.