Editorial team

Editorial team

The work of the Cochrane Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders (CMED) group is supported by editors, peer referees and administrative staff. The editors and referees provide feedback on protocols and reviews and help the editorial team develop policies and guidelines for the group. Any editor who is an author of a Cochrane review is excluded from editorial decisions on the review for which she is a contributor. As our team is undergoing a restructuring phase, replies to messages may take longer than usual.

Co-ordinating Editor
Brenda Bongaerts



Comments and Feedback Editor
Bernd Richter


Managing Editor
N.N. (temporarily substituted by Gudrun Paletta)


Information Specialist
Maria-Inti Metzendorf




Editorial Board

Peer reviewers

We would like to acknowledge the contributions of all our peer reviewers who were involved in the assessment of protocols and reviews before publication.

Peer reviewers 2020

  • Claudia R. Pischke, Germany
  • James M. Smoliga, USA
  • Christian Lerch, Germany
  • Anne Peters, USA
  • Isolde Sommer, Austria
  • Philippa Middleton, Australia
  • Ulrich A. Müller, Germany

Peer reviewers 2019

  • Bianca Hemmingsen, Denmark
  • Emma Axon, UK
  • Ian Caterson, Australia
  • Ulrich A. Müller, Germany
  • Peter T. Sawicki, Germany
  • Theo Sas, Germany

We also wish to acknowledge peer reviewers who have chosen to remain anonymous.