Editorial team

Editors and support staff

Editorial team

The work of the Cochrane Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders (CMED) group is supported by editors, peer referees and administrative staff. The editors and referees provide feedback on protocols and reviews and help the editorial team develop policies and guidelines for the group. Any editor who is an author of a Cochrane review is excluded from editorial decisions on the review for which she is a contributor.


  • Bernd Richter, Co-ordinating Editor (richterb@uni-duesseldorf.de) (Germany)
  • Christine Clar (Germany)
  • Stephen Colagiuri (Australia)
  • Alberto de Leiva (Spain)
  • Christian Lerch (Germany)
  • Susanne Ebrahim (Germany)
  • Patrick Manning (New Zealand)
  • Didac Mauricio (Spain)
  • David Owens (UK)
  • Gabriele Schlömer (Germany)
  • Norman Waugh (UK)

Comments and Criticisms Editor: Bernd Richter (richterb@uni-duesseldorf.de) (Germany)

Assistant Managing Editor

Information Specialist

Freelance collaborator

Peer referees

Each CMED group's Cochrane review is refereed by external referees. We are indebted to their contribution!